Pure Gym … Pure Wrecked

So today I went to the gym. Not just any gym. Pure Gym is part of our church. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for somewhere to try and get rid of that spare tyre.

Starting off on the treadmill was pretty tough! I hate treadmills. So after a steep incline walk, which was hard enough for me, there was a bit of light jogging. This I could handle a bit better. Then came boxing! How hard could this be I thought? Pretty hard was the answer. Estelle had to grab me a towel and some water. Unlike my good mate soupy, I managed not to break my wrist, however I did clip Estelle on the side of the head with a wee left hook. Purely accidental of course!

I like the bike, or at least I did until Estelle started with her routine. Sitting down, standing up, leaning forward, going easy, flat out as hard as I could, all while having good conversation – it all went pretty well. That was us done, or so I thought anyways. But no, Estelle had one final surprise up her sleeve. Ab’s! I’ve always hated sit-ups, but thought I was decent enough at them. Well I was very very wrong. 20 reps with the bar, got to about 15 and then the burn came. Pushed through like a trooper, thinking that was us done. Then came the final ab exercise. One hand behind my head and one out in front of me. Pure killer. Had to do 10 reps and then switch hands. Got to about 3 and was beat, but Estelle was having none of it. I could hear the glee in her voice as she pushed me on. Eventually I got to 20 reps. 2 leg stretches late and I was done. We took the all important measurements and I went on my merry way.

So yeah, pure wrecked now, but definitely worth it. If you are looking for somewhere to do your fitness regime, then look no further than Pure Gym, the team there are awesome and the equipment is top notch! Tell em Slim sent ya, it’ll get you no discount though! I’ll be blogging my progress, and there maybe photo’s at some point … just not yet!

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