What A Difference A Year Makes

Michelle has been asking once or twice (read going on at me!) if I would get something done with the video footage of Eli that we have taken over this first year. So in the space of about 4 minutes I’ve put together this wee video clip showing Eli about an hour after he was born, and then a few days ago. It won’t win any awards, it could have had a lot more footage in it, but its great to be able to share this.

Its been a hectic first year for our wee warrior – he’s come through a lot and yet you wouldn’t know it!

Elijah – My God is LORD!


One Thought on “What A Difference A Year Makes

  1. Kathryn on October 18, 2011 at 7:47 pm said:

    Whoa, its just like michelle looking up at you!! What a lovely little man! xx

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